Wednesday, October 17, 2012

10/16/12 5 miles

my achilles tendon had been hurting since the marathon so i decided to take a full week off to give it a break, even though, i have the nashville ultra coming up. so the last 2 days it had not been hurting, but it was still a little swollen. i hopped on the treadmill, figuring it would be less stress on the tendon to run 6. i could tell it was hurting from the start but it wasn't really painful so i kept on. at mile 2 i had this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach, i felt like i hadn't eaten in weeks and was starving, even though i had 20 chicken nuggets on my way home (yes, that was not a typo). finally, at mile 3.5 i had to jump off the treadmill and run to the kitchen and get a snack and a small drink, weirdest thing ever. don't know if my blood sugar was getting low or what. other than that, from mile 2-3 i felt the best i ever have while running, my legs felt strong, my movement felt fluid-like, it was so easy, my tendon even stopped hurting a little. then mile 3-3.5 the hunger was hitting hard and the legs were getting a little tired (i had bumped up the pace from 6.2mph to 6.6 or 6.8, i don't really remember). then about mile 4 i got an emergency call and only got to finish mile 5 of the planned 6. good thing, i got off the treadmill, hopped in the shower real fast and my tendon was swollen as much as it had been right after the marathon, and it was hurting pretty good now. so, i think the ultra is out of the question. i worry i have some micro-tears in the tendon and i am going to give it a long break before running again. the end for tonight, on a sad note.

10/6/12 Southern TN Plunge Marathon

i wasn't sure i was ready for this, i felt good but i also knew i hadn't got a lot of my shorter runs in lately. i got to the race much later than i wanted to. i knew i needed to use the porta potty for #2 before the race, but we got stopped by a train on the way there. it was also raining, windy and pretty cool. i had bought some wet wipes to use in the porta potty. since i did not get to use the porta potty before the race i stuffed my wet wipes between my fuel belt and shirt along with my trash bag poncho. i did not start out too fast to begin with because my fuel belt came undone about 50 feet into the race. i had to run back and get it in traffic, tighten it up while carrying my poncho and wet wipes and put it back on. once again i stuffed my poncho and wet wipes into it. about another 100 yards, my wet wipes fell out and i had to run back against traffic to get them. not starting off good. about mile 2.5 i felt for the wet wipes and they were gone, who knows where. that concerned me about the future pit stop i knew i was going to have to make. i was going to try and make it to mile 8. the marathon/ 1/2 marathon field split around mile 7.5 and there were only porta potties every 2 miles. when i got to mile 8 the porta potty was full, i think all the marathoners had been waiting for that one. i thought i could make it to mile 10. at mile 10 the porta potty was open and i sat my belt and poncho down on the ground and headed in. to save time i took my shot blocks in the porta potty. one note here. i had used shot blocks for my last 3 long runs (the ones with and without caffeine) and they had been pretty easy to get down. however, as i metioned today was cold and the cold had the same effect on these shot blocks as it does syrrup, they were much harder, so the extra time chewing while on the toilet did help a little. the toilet paper was horrible, oh i missed my wet wipes. i got everything taken care of and got some water to finish swallowing the blocks. it still kind of disturbs me that i was eating in a porta potty. anyway, i was back on my way. from miles 9 to 10 my pace went from 10:05 to 10:28 due to the potty break. i felt pretty good, and up until mile 19 i was still running a 10:24 pace. after that it really slowed, except for mile 23 that was a 10:14 mile, i felt good at that point and felt like i had broken through the wall. i was walking on air, i never thought i could feel so free-ee-e, flying away, into the next hill (sorry, i've been watching greatest american hero on the treadmill) where it all got back to feeling like i was actually running a marathon. the other oddity of this race was that my watch was showing i was actually running less mileage than the posted mile markers, by about .15 of a mile, at every mile. when i got to mile 25 i thought i had it whooped. then, my watched beeped for 26 miles and i still hadn't reached the 26 mile marker. then i got to it and it seemed like forever until i got to the end. but i did. in 4:40.28 officially, a pace of 10:42, a PR by 22 minutes. after the race i needed to sit down and found a seat and got some gatorade. then i got really cold and found a little cafe to get some hot chocolate. my legs and feet were sore sore and my achilles tendon was swollen, never had that happen before. oh, by the way, around 1/2 way through it started raining, the wind picked up and i got cold, so from that point on i wore the trash bag poncho, which covered my bib number, which means there are no photos of me officially for the 2nd half of the race. good thing, in the photos they did get, my form looks horrible, both feet on the ground plodding along. they actually sent me a picture of cousin todd because they thought it was me (the official race photographers). thats all i can think of right now.

9/30/12 12 miles

i did not run much in september, but i did get in some long runs and did surprisingly well, for me. this was a 12 mile run on the treadmill, the balls of my feet hurt, that made me worry since i had planned on wearing either this pair of shoes or the shoes that hurt my foot on the 20 mile run, for the marathon. after this run i decided to wear the asics i wore in my last 2 marathons and just hope they had enough juice. this run took me 1:56.51, a 9:44 pace, wow.

Back: 20 on 9/24/2012

i haven't blogged in a while, since before i went to montana, over a month ago. i haven't ran much in that time either, but i have had some memorable runs. i got back from montana on a saturday and the following monday i ran 20 miles, on the road. this was the longest training run i have ever ran, and it wasn't that bad. i had been dreading it, but kept reminding myself of the marathons that i went into unprepared and i knew i had to do this, more mental than physical i think. of course i started out too fast and i ran the course where miles 2.5 to 6 are nearly all uphill with a big hill to reach mile 6. at mile 6, because i was going too fast, i started getting a side pain. i had also decided to skip my usual mile 5 refuel and to do it at mile 6 at the top of the hill. i needed that walk break. from mile 6 to mile 8 was gently rolling hills, side hurt a little, not too bad. mles 8-9.5 was pretty much all downhill, nice and refreshing. the rest of the run had some small ups and downs. at mile 13 my right foot really started hurting just behind the ball of my foot on the outside. it kept getting worse until i finished. one time i even untied my shoe to let it loosen up as much as possible, that helped very little. my final time was 3:25.07 a pace of 10:15, extremely surprising. i tried using some caffeine shot blocks on this run and did not like the taste but i was able to get them down. everything else was pretty unventful.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

An Unbelievable 18 miles

this 18 miles was unbelievable for sure. but not because it was so fast or anything like that. it was unbelievable to me because i did it on a treadmill. yes, this is more than double in distance than any previous run on a treadmill for me. it is also my longest completed training run ever. i know running on a treadmill isn't nearly as tough as running on the road, especially with the hills around here. however, i did the entire run at no less than a 2% incline. my walk breaks were scheduled at 5, 10, and 15 miles. the half mile before all of those breaks i raised the incline to 3% along with the 1/2 mile before the finish. so i basically ran 2 miles at a 3% incline and 16 miles at a 2% incline. i kept the pace at 5.9 mph except for the walk breaks and the last mile and a half. the first 2 walk breaks were at 4mph and the last one was at 3mph. however, i was feeling so good, the last mile and a half i ran at 6.5mph. i did have some trouble with the timing since after 1 hour my treadmill only keeps record of the minutes. also, at an hour and a half my treadmill stops and i had to restart it, which i did rather quickly, especially since i wasn't expecting it to quit. i had started the chrono on my watch to time me after the hour mark but i stopped it around mile 10 when i had to switch dvds and i forgot to restart it when i began running again. so, i finished the run somewhere around 3 hours and 9 minutes, maybe a little faster. that is a 10:30 pace. i was pretty excited about that, even though i was on a treadmill. 2 weeks ago i ran 14 at a 10:15 pace and think i could have done a little better, a week before that i ran 15 miles at a 10:31 pace and was pretty surprised. so not too bad. i think i could have ran this one a little faster since i was able to speed up considerably for the last mile and a half, even with a 1% increase in elevation for the last 1/2 mile. oh, the reason i ran this on a treadmill is because we had an 80 chance of rain/thunderstorms all afternoon. it did clear up around 4pm, giving me plenty of time to run during daylight, but i already had in my mind i was running it on a treadmill and i couldn't change my mind. i watched a dvd of some bowhunting shows for the first 10 miles and then a movie called "Unstopable" for the rest. they kept me occupied enough. thought of the day: most of the time things don't go the way i think they should. good thing...i am not that smart.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Aug 29, 7; Aug 31, 5

i am not sure if i blogged about the run 2 nights ago or not. it was pretty uneventful. it was 7 miles on a treadmill, my second longest run on a treadmill that i can remember, i have some new movies borrowed and i bought a few too, so those keep me somewhat entertained. it was my fastest 7 miles i can ever remember, as a matter of fact, it matches my pace to my fastest 5k. 7 miles in 61:47, an 8:50 pace. i do realize it was on a treadmill, but i did have it at a 2% incline. the run really felt good. tonight i could tell my legs were a little tired. i think from not getting enough rest lately and a pretty strenuous run 2 days ago. so i took it pretty easy. i did the 5 miles in 46:35, a 9:20 pace. towards the end of the run it did feel a little hard to keep the pace so i slowed down just a bit. this has been a good month. this month i ran 112 miles, the most miles ever since i have been keeping up with my runs on log your run (since around july 2010). in oct 2010 i did run 109 miles, i did run 97 in june this year, the third most ever. also, i weighed this afternoon. i was at 168.8, the lowest i can remember in a long time as well. but that was before my small dinner and before the run. at that weight, i have lost just over 21 pounds since june. if i can lose 9 more pounds i will have reached my ultimate goal, if i can lose 5 more i will reach my satisfied goal. once again it's late and i am headed to bed.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Aug 28, 6 miles

ok i haven't blogged in a while, but i haven't ran in a while either. i have ran since i blogged last though. running low on sleep, so this is gonna be short. last tuesday 8/21/2012 i ran 6 miles on the treadmill. i was planning on running wednesday, thursday and saturday. however, i left for kansas city, 2 hours late without running. so i skipped that day. the rest of the week i was too busy, too tired, or too full of food to make it happen. so i have pushed my schedule back a week, i don't think it will hurt anything. should still have time to get in an 18 and 20 miler before i leave for montana. we got home yesterday evening and i couldn't get everything done to run. tonight i ran 6 miles in 54:57, a 9:09 pace. peace.